ESG Investing

ESG Investing

Investing Together for
a Better Future

ESG Investing

Since our inception, Clearwater Management has been synonymous with responsible investing. We continue this today through our customized equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies. The growing importance of responsible investing in investment decisions reflects our longstanding corporate ethos. Responsible investing is a key part of our ambition to be the most client-centric wealth management company.

Investing Together for a Better Future

The investments we make today should help make for a better tomorrow, for ourselves, our families and greater world. Responsible investing is taking on greater meaning, and will eventually have a significant impact on asset prices. That is why Clearwater Management integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into our investment practices. We appreciate that this will have varying degrees of importance to individual clients. Our ultimate concern is growing and protecting our clients’ wealth.

What Is Responsible Investing?

Responsible investing is the belief that modern-day investments should reflect sound stewardship and ownership. It’s the belief that companies can thrive by integrating strong values into their business practices, and that this will drive profitability over the long term. The EU is in the process of establishing regulatory metrics for Environmental, Social and Governance issues. Other governing bodies will likely follow. Responsible investing includes looking ahead to what will affect the value of the assets under our administration. Getting ahead on integrating ESG metrics is more than following recent trends. It is integral to our fiduciary duty to look after our clientele.

ESG Fundamentals

Wealth managers and their clients are increasingly incorporating ESG into asset selection. Responsible investing reflects a major shift taking place from measuring profits alone to what some refer to as stakeholder capitalism. This perspective reflects a growing belief that attractive returns and serving the greater good are not mutually exclusive, but rather will ultimately encourage sustainability and long-term global economic growth.

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