Life Transitions

Facing Changes, Together

Life Transitions

The road of life includes many twists and turns. Many clients approach us when facing a transition, seeking objective guidance from our skilled team to help them navigate the change and stay on track. Whether you are facing a career change, a relocation or retirement, a marriage or a divorce, or a significant increase in assets, your Clearwater advisor will guide you appropriately.

Investing a Lump Sum

Lump sums can come from selling a home or business, an inheritance, a major bonus, and even winning the lottery. Your Clearwater Management advisor will help you integrate newfound assets into your investment plan and portfolio. He can help you decide whether to invest immediately, gradually dollar-cost-average, and/or pay down debt. Depending on the amount, there may be material changes to your personal investment plan.

Facing Change

Too often, we watch people struggle unnecessarily when facing life transitions instead of seeking guidance from experts. Whatever you are facing, our team of financial professionals will work with you to navigate the change. We can help you realign your goals and objectives to reflect new priorities, creating a clear path so you can move forward with confidence.

Together we’ll work with you to:

  • Assess your challenges and goals
  • Establish priorities to ensure your current and future financial needs are met
  • Review how changes impact your needs for income, growth and flexibility
  • Evaluate your global income sources and develop strategies to maximize income
  • Adjust your investment plan to reflect the changes in your life.

The greatest benefit people find from developing a close relationship with their investment advisor is having objective counsel at times when clients may be less so. Our lives for the most part are the outcome of an endless series of decisions, small and large. Make the right decisions with your investments. Talk to us at Clearwater Management about what we can do for you.

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