Portfolio Management

Articulating Your Goals
& Building Your Portfolio

Portfolio Management

Regardless of what you are investing for, your Clearwater Management advisor will be by your side, a partner working with you to establish an investment plan founded on your personal goals, risk tolerance and timeline.

Developing an investment portfolio is a complex undertaking. Based on your investment plan, your advisor will help you decide on an ideal asset allocation strategy and select specific investments to make up your target mix. As well as monitoring the progress of your investments and market conditions, your Clearwater advisor will be there for you to make appropriate adjustments to your portfolio to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals.

Articulating Your Goals

Your investment plan is a unique document tailored to you. The first step to establishing your plan is to define your goals and establish what “wealth” means to you. The process of articulating what is important to you will guide your advisor in advising you. With a clear understanding of your goals and values, your advisor can make thoughtful investment recommendations. As a client of Clearwater Management, you will have more than an investment portfolio – you will have a vision for your future and a road map to steer you to your destination.

Building Your Portfolio

Before choosing your first stock, you will develop an investment plan. This is a document to help you reach your goals, to measure your progress and to be an objective voice when needed. It takes many things into consideration, such as the level of growth you’ll need, risk tolerance, when you may require access to funds, among many concerns. Once your strategy is in place, your advisor can then make investment recommendations appropriate to you. Clearwater clients have access to a full complement of investment products, vetted by thorough due diligence by our analysts and advisors. Now we put your strategy to work.

Navigating Market Ups and Downs

Effective wealth management focuses on long-term goals and mitigating risk. As time goes on a collaborative relationship usually develops between clients and advisors. This relationship is important. A professional investment advisor’s most important role is not being a stock picker, but being an objective guide during periods of volatility, both in markets and with the inevitable changes as we go through life.

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