Wealth Preservation

Protecting Your Portfolio

Wealth Preservation

For some clients, their wealth has already been created. For others, they are actively accumulating assets. For retired clients, their wealth is irreplaceable making their capital more precious. One way to understand wealth preservation is through the perception of risk. There are two main aspects: depth and duration. Depth refers to the size of a loss in real capital, while duration refers to how long the loss might last. Volatility adds to this equation: even when gains and losses are on paper, and not realized, every client has a different level of comfort and tolerance. This is the human element of the investment equation.

Protecting Your Portfolio

Effective wealth management involves having a strategy, above and beyond individual asset selection. Accumulating real wealth is accomplished through steady, consistent growth. Thorough due diligence by our analysts combined with the power of reinvestment and compounding assure clients above average returns over the longer term. Thoughtful, patient investing combined with adequate diversification is the most powerful way to mitigate risk to your capital. Clients that work with a professional investment advisor benefit from the objective guidance required to maintain discipline and to make optimal decisions in all situations.

Estate Planning & Insurance

Wealth management is about protection. We protect our clients’ assets and their financial security. We protect their lifestyle, their families and their businesses. Risk management extends beyond investment decisions. Your Clearwater advisor can help you consider a wide array of tools to provide extra layers of protection. Insurance products, trusts, and estate planning are among the many ways we protect your wealth and financial future.

Privacy and Account Protection

At Clearwater Management, we consider the security of your information and accounts to be of critical importance. We have drastically increased our cyber security budget in recent years and have rigid protocols in place to ensure your personal and financial privacy.

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