Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

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Investment Philosophy

At Clearwater Management, we envision a shared future with our clients. The world is changing fast. What has never changed is the importance we place on our client relationships. The better we stay connected, the better we understand your changing needs and how to ensure those needs are met.

We build portfolios that stand the test of time. As active investors, we steer clients through volatile markets, unearth superior opportunities, and together move forward toward our shared future. We empower our people with the latest technological innovations to ensure clients receive superior investment returns and excellent service.

Active management means being proactive, not reactive. This includes knowing when not to act. In order to outperform the market, you have to be different than the general market. It involves seeking returns in unusual places, seeking opportunity in times of distress and structuring portfolios to reduce the impact of volatility.

The Best Investment Advice Starts with a Trusting Relationship

At Clearwater Management, we know from years of experience that the best outcomes evolve from working together with our clients. We have found success by integrating old values with new ideas. But what is most important is the combination of our investment advisors and our clients. You and us. The greatest successes come from working together.

Effective wealth management requires planning. But sound financial advice is about more than just having a plan; it’s about having a plan that is right for you. Bringing this to fruition means having a true understanding of your whole life, not just your finances. By establishing a strong foundation, we can address your needs as they become more complex. Relationships built for the long term enable us to provide sophisticated advice, and sometimes also a simple solution visible through the objective lens of arms-length professionalism and experience.

Big Picture, Small Details

Successful wealth management combines finding superior investment recommendations, and knowing who to recommend them to. We know that planning and advice extend far beyond mere asset selection. Our business is you, your entire life and all its twists and turns. At Clearwater Management, we fit the pieces together to give you a brighter future, and a clear path forward.

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