Our Clients

Our Clients

At Clearwater Management, we service goal-driven clients seeking a higher level of engagement. We provide financial advice for the what if, what now, and what next. Our clients span the globe, from a broad range of personal and professional backgrounds. Most have reached a level of success and come to us seeking a trusted partner to accompany them on their journey and ensure achievement of their personal objectives.

Our clients may be successful business owners, professionals or executives but first and foremost they are people with their own unique set of needs. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Individuals desiring high quality, long-term personal investment guidance
  • Access to award-winning research and analysis
  • Families needing estate, wealth transfer or philanthropic planning
  • Individuals facing a life-changing event
  • Parents seeking strategies to fund their children’s education
  • Succession planning for business owners and family businesses

The Client Experience

When planning to build a home, you seek an architect who shares your vision. In the same way, you need an investment advisor who puts himself in your shoes so you’re looking at the same horizon. From this vantage point, your Clearwater advisor will incorporate appropriate and effective financial strategies to build your personal road map. Wealth management starts with industry expertise, but it requires empathy and direct communication to forge the long-term partnerships that ensure the success of all our clients.

Putting You Front and Center

Every client of Clearwater Management is at the center of his or her own dynamic, individualized financial plan. With each step forward in life, you will be faced with new opportunities and obstacles. The decisions you make at these junctures have the potential to move you either closer to or farther away from your goals. One of the best decisions you can make is to work with a financial advisor who understands you and has the experience to advise you when faced with life decisions. Wherever you came from, wherever you’re going, let Clearwater Management be by your side for the journey.


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