Providing for Family

Planning for College
and Beyond

Providing for Family

A wide range of issues impact financial planning when taking family considerations into account. Whether you are starting a family, saving for post-secondary education, or looking after aging parents, there are several issues to include in your investment plan. Many people find themselves now belonging to the sandwich generation, responsible for both dependent children and aging parents. Financial planning these days often spans multiple generations. At the same time, it needs to ensure your quality of life in both the present and the future.

Planning for College and Beyond

Saving for a child’s education is usually the first aspect of family financial planning. Higher education is expensive and getting more expensive every year. Getting an early start makes a world of difference and will have a much smaller impact on your day-to-day finances. Clearwater Management advises clients about a wide range of issues relating to your offspring, from financing education, to helping with the purchase of a first home and beyond.

Planning for Retirement

Planning for your own retirement is also an aspect of family financial planning. You want to ensure that you can maintain a pleasant lifestyle while being mindful of other generations. For instance, as your portfolio shifts to income generating from growth, there may be liquidity needs factored into asset selection. As people are living longer, clients are becoming more concerned with longevity planning so they won’t be a future burden to their children. Regardless of how complex your needs and goals may be, your Clearwater advisor will help you break them down and incorporate solutions into your investment strategy.

Multigenerational Wealth Management

Broaching financial matters with members of your family can be awkward for many people. Having an objective financial professional guiding the discussions goes a long way towards ensuring the best interests of you and your family are accounted for. Clearwater Management manages money for multiple generations. We’re here to help you broach sensitive conversations with your children, spouse and parents, and to ensure everyone’s needs are looked after. 

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