Retirement Planning

Retirement Income &
Longevity Planning

Retirement Planning

There’s a lot more to retirement today than simply stopping work. There is a world of possibilities and Clearwater Management encourages clients to dream, and dream big. The first step in retirement planning is to envision your ideal lifestyle. Then, your investment advisor will work with you to develop a strategy to ensure all your needs are met. People are living longer and many are more active than previous generations. Your dreams may include travel, quiet or even starting a new business. Your advisor will talk to you about practical considerations, including issues like long-term care or buying a retirement home.

Retirement Income

Throughout our lives, we need income. Once we stop working, our income comes from sources that may include government and corporate pensions, rental income from real estate, and investment income. Wealth management includes looking ahead and calculating where your income will come from, and making plans to ensure you can make up any shortfalls. Managing your portfolio and investment planning continues into retirement. Your Clearwater advisor will guide you in developing a lifetime income stream that ensures a comfortable retirement.

Longevity Planning

People are living longer and they want to preserve their standard of living. The longer we live, the greater the chances that we might need medical care or some type of assistance. You will want to ensure you are mobile and enjoying comfortable housing. Retirement can seem like a lifetime away, but as costs of living rise, it’s important to start planning early to ensure your purchasing power will be sufficient for future needs. This can sound daunting, but the professionals at Clearwater Management are experienced at breaking things down so you can quantify what your needs will be, and plan for all eventualities.

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